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Selecting a Security Services Provider in Singapore

Selecting a Security Services Provider in Singapore
Choosing the right security officer services provider is a decision that will significantly affect the safety and security of your organization. It is important to choose a provider committed to the success of your security program and your unique organizational culture. The primary factors to consider when choosing a security officer services provider include the following:
1.Leadership – A successful security officer services relationship starts with strong leadership at all levels. Are the security officers on-site engaged and ready to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of your organization? Are they supported by local leaders who understand your objectives and can put the right people and programs in place to meet them?

2.Security Expertise – Specify the general and specialized skills required of the security officers as well as the level of quality and responsiveness desired. Basic criteria…

Useful websites for Security guards & Security Agency in Singapore

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Here are some of the websites link that will be useful for all Security officers/guards/Security agency in Singapore(CLICK KEEP READING TO SEE ALL )

1.Security Association Singapore (SAS)
2. Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA)
3. Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) 
4. Police Licensing &Regulatory Department (PLRD)
5. Union Of Security Employees (USE)
6. Progressive Wage Model (PWM)
7. Tripartite Alliance For Fair Employment (TAFEP)

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